Sunday, November 14, 2010

Learning How to Fly - House of Air Trampoline Park

We were having fun at the local trampoline park House of Air. My friend took pics. Thought I would share:

Dodgeball Time

Floating is a useful skill.

Target Destroyed.

Practicing for the Snow.

Dead tired.

Dinner Afterwards

An old video:

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Lawrence Goes to Japan - Day 5

Day 5 was the day to check out the Ginza shopping district. I'm not a big shopping person. But I always remembered sentences from Japanese class that went sort of like, "We are going to Ginza!" I had to know what this magical place that all Japanese people go to in Japanese textbooks.

Another shot of the crazy train station.

After we got off the train we decided to grab some food at a "Nice Sit Down" place according to Brad. So we checked out this restaurant on the corner.

My friend Jeanene had a waffle pancake thing.

I had a steak dish, but I failed and forgot to take pics. Food must've been yummy.

One thing that was kind of cool is that you had to sign your name on the waiting list. And I knew how to write Smith in Japanese. "Sumisu". (John Smith is probably the most common foreigner name used in Japanese class.) When the guy called our name he commented how cool it was that I knew how to write it in katakana. Win for Mr. SUMISU!

Ginza is a designer shoppers dream. For almost any huge designer there is literally a BUILDING for it!

Video of one of the intersections.

So that being the case me and Brad didn't do much there haha. Jeanene though had the time of her life.


So while we were waiting for J to finish shopping we wandered around the area.

The "Sit Down Place" that we went to had very small portions so we were still a little hungry. So I grabbed some yummy Takoyaki balls at Gindaco

We sat down at this really tranquil park. And enjoyed our foods.

Whew that was good!

WATCH OUT. THE Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission is WATCHING YOU.

I think it might be broked.

After we met back up with J we decided to try and check out Harajuku. We didn't expect to see the Cosplay girls there that day, but we wanted to kinda scout it out first. Unfortunately we didn't plan on going there before we left our hotel so we had to try and figure it out with the subway map. I wish we had used the Tokyo Transfer Guide.

I guess the Japanese don't like comfortable benches. Might be a sign of weakness to foreigners.

So we got off at Yotsuya station or something.

We thought that it might be close enough to Harajuku to walk.

I asked for directions from this dude (I think he was a police officer or train officer). He said it might take like 30 minutes to walk. A slight understatement.

You kind of knew you were on the wrong stop because there were too many normal people. Like these kids coming home from school.

Oh, there were school girls too. Let me show you them.

Whats that ancient device that dude is talking on?

Where normal Japanese people live. I wonder if thats supposed to be a design on teh building or those pieces just happened to be cleaner than the rest of the building.

Where normal Japanese people buy stuff.

There was actually a healthy amount of construction going on around Tokyo.

So yeah obviously we were in Japan so we so mostly saw Japanese restaurants. So it was interesting to see non Japanese places like this Taco place.

Don't see too many of these over there either.

So long story short. We walked for almost an hour and didn't find Harajuku. Went back to the hotel and found out we could've taken a train that gets off right at Harajuku. :P

So after some sleeping, we checked out this place that had Yakitori. It was in a basement. Really hole in the wall type. Good food though.

These salty sticks were oishii!

It was YUMMY. I had the combo plate. I liked them all except for the liver one. Bleh.

Then it was time for sleep. Stay tuned for Day 6!